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Your dental bridge that was designed by Dr. Elliot Einbinder is made of highly durable materials that are meant to restore your lost tooth for many years to come. As strong and sturdy as your bridge is, there are still rare instances when something can chip or otherwise damage it. If this happens, you should not delay in seeing your dentist to have it examined and treated.

While you are waiting for your appointment, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you minimize complications.

You should not attempt to clean, brush, floss or manipulate any part of the damaged bridge. The more you touch it, the more likely you are to cause further damage or complications.

If you have blood or debris in your mouth from a blow to the face, you can rinse it away with lukewarm saltwater. Otherwise, you should leave any other cleaning procedures to Dr. Elliot Einbinder’s professional training and techniques.

If the abutments anchoring the bridge are still intact, Dr. Elliot Einbinder might be able to replace the damaged bridge and cement a new one in its place.

If you have recently chipped or damaged your dental bridge in Pikesville, Maryland, you should call 410.486.3898 to seek timely treatment and repair at Wellwood Family Dentistry.