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In modern dentistry, two types of dental filling are the most common choice for filling cavities. Silver amalgam and composite fillings have for the most part filled different roles in dentistry, but with recent advancements in the advantages of composite fillings, amalgam fillings are quickly becoming obsolete.

First off, composite fillings are much more visually appealing. Our Wellwood Family Dentistry team matches your filling to the color of your teeth perfectly. Amalgam fillings, on the other hand, show as bright silver on your teeth, distracting from your smile and can make you self-conscious.

Many people are becoming more and more concerned with the potential danger that amalgam fillings present as they are made up largely with mercury. Most patients would greatly prefer to avoid the safety hazard, so Dr. Elliot Einbinder uses a mercury-free safe composite filling.

At the introduction of dental composites, they were not as strong or long-lasting as amalgam, so dentists recommended using composite in the front teeth to keep a beautiful smile and amalgam in more structurally important teeth. That is no longer necessary, as composite durability and longevity now matches or exceeds amalgams.

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