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Many people feel that a bright, white winning smile says a lot about them. If multiple teeth in your smile have chips and noticeable fillings, or your teeth are deeply stained, it can leave you feeling self-conscious in social settings.

Fortunately, the highly trained dental professionals at Wellwood Family Dentistry are well versed and experienced in a wide range of dental cosmetic restoration options.

If your teeth are merely suffering from staining issues, we can administer a dental tooth bleaching procedure to remove stains and restore the white luster of your smile. Many people then choose to add whitening toothpaste or whitening strips to their oral hygiene routine to maintain their bright smile between dental cleanings.

If the teeth in your smile are marred by chips, noticeable past fillings or other imperfections, we can install custom porcelain dental veneers or even restore one or more teeth with dental crowns.

Regardless of the kind of imperfections in your smile that you would like improved, the staff at Wellwood Family Dentistry is ready to help give you the white, bright, winning smiled you’ve already wanted.

If you would like to learn more about your cosmetic restoration options, please feel free to call Wellwood Family Dentistry at 410.486.3898 to schedule an appointment.