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If you take a relaxed stance toward your daily oral hygiene routine, hardened tartar can start to develop on your teeth near the gumline. As this starts to happen you will be at an increased risk of suffering periodontal health problems.

Early on this mild inflammation of gingivitis can still be treated by a thorough dental cleaning at Dr. Elliot Einbinder’s clinic. This treatment will remove hardened tartar reducing the total bacterial exposure to your periodontal tissues. Concerted improvements to your daily oral hygiene routine can then help prevent further recurrence of gingivitis

If gingivitis goes untreated or is allowed to re-occur the infection in your periodontal tissues could escalate. The severe gum infection can cause your gum tissues to recede from your teeth. When this happens, pockets of infection can form near the roots of multiple teeth. In time, this can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Continuing research has also found a relationship between severe gum disease and other medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and increased risk of stroke.

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