Learning Oral Health Facts on Composite Dental Fillings

There are numerous facets that are required to keep your teeth safe. Beyond brushing and flossing every day, it is essential to make sure your tooth enamel remain strong. If a hole in your tooth enamel forms, this is known as a cavity. Fortunately, cavities can be treated. By visiting your dentist and seeking out… Read more »

The Benefits of Attending Your Dental Checkups

If you ever wonder why it’s recommended to visit your dentist every six months, then our dentist, Dr. , is happy to help you. The more you know, the better. Dental checkups are vital for your oral health because they provide many benefits. Those benefits are: -Dental checkups can help you avoid tooth decay and… Read more »

Ensuring the Oral Health of the Expectant Mother

Congrats!! You have just been told you are expecting a little bundle of joy to your family. What an emotional time, when hormones are all jumbled and the body prepares for the new one to arrive. During the time, you will do everything you can to ensure the baby is healthy, including taking prenatal vitamins,… Read more »

Smile Care for a Healthier Mouth All Year Round

To encourage a healthier mouth all year round, today’s blog will focus on some advice in honor of National Dental Hygiene Month which is recognized in October. The change in seasons is a good time to take advantage of renewed energy after the long days of summer. Our team at is pleased to share the… Read more »

Fluorosis and How It Can Affect Your Child’s Smile

Fluoride can be a good thing, but too much, like anything, can affect your smile. Even though too much fluoride intake, known as fluorosis, cannot cause decay or cavities, it can discolor your teeth and it even make them appear “pitted.” Mottled enamel is another name for fluorosis and is a common disorder; it typically… Read more »

Poor Oral Hygiene Habits Can Promote Problems with Your Periodontal Health

If you take a relaxed stance toward your daily oral hygiene routine, hardened tartar can start to develop on your teeth near the gumline. As this starts to happen you will be at an increased risk of suffering periodontal health problems. Early on this mild inflammation of gingivitis can still be treated by a thorough… Read more »

Dental Bonding and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

If you are looking for the perfect smile, it is critical that all dental damage is repaired or concealed. Dental bonds do a little of both and can hide damage without sealing the entirety of a tooth. Get closer to your perfect smile with dental bonding.   If you do have a cavity, dental bonding… Read more »

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

From time to time, a dental patient may need to have a tooth extracted. It may be because the tooth has been damaged beyond repair, or because it has decayed to the point that it is safer to remove the tooth. Sometimes, a person may have wisdom teeth or extra teeth coming in, or there… Read more »

4 Tips for Helping Kids Brush

We hear you–getting your child to brush her teeth for two minutes, twice a day can be a challenge. Simply setting a timer and supervising can be tedious for both child and parent! At , we know that brushing and flossing can be fun! Here are 4 tips to help make dental hygiene a daily… Read more »

Common Myths about Root Canals

Feeling anxious about an impending root canal? You’re not alone. But did you know that your fears might actually be based on a myth? Here are a few common myths about root canals: Myth: Root canals are painful. Busted: The symptoms of a diseased and inflamed tooth often involve great pain. The actual procedure, however,… Read more »